Holy Anthems

Holy Anthems is basically a set of spiritually lyrical songs using trance/dance rhythms.

New songs, You are my World, Key to My Heart, I Need your Love, and Celebration Day are all modern day worship songs.

It's a Miracle and Only in Wonder are dance mixes of worship songs taken from my rock album Glad to be Alive, the title track of which, is not really a worship song but an expression of the fact that if we take a look around us, and see what some people have to suffer, our own lives are not really that bad, and maybe we should stop complaining about the things we don't have, and enjoy what we have all been given for free.

The other tracks on the album are extensions of the prayers written for The Supplicata album. To write the prayers for Supplicata, I had to do a lot of internet research, and whilst writing a prayer for the abused, I came across some very moving poems written by abused children, (which I challenge anyone to read and not be reduced to tears). They inspired me to write Nowhere to Hide, to which I make no apology in bringing this hideous crime to attention.

Similarly Somebody to Love is a song written to bring attention to the abandoned and homeless children in our society. If you have bought this album you will be happy to know that some of the money you paid is being donated to the 'Action for Kids' charity.

Where do you go to is a vocal arrangement of the prayer for the sick from the Supplicata, and is an expression of the helplessness we have all felt at some time or another, when someone we love is ill. This was written about my mother who suffered with alzheimer's disease.

Destiny (Supplicata Trance Mix) is a trance mix of the track from the Supplicata written about the fact that God has given us all different and certain skills, and it is up to us all, to discover and use them, not just for our own advantage, but for the benefit of others as well.

Holy Anthems

How to get Holy Anthems Full Album:

Track Name Listen
01 You Are My Light Try You Are My Light
02 It's A Miracle (Dance Mix) Try It's A Miracle (Dance Mix)
03 Key To My Heart Try Key To My Heart
04 I Need Your Love Try I Need Your Love
05 Nowhere To Hide Try Nowhere To Hide
06 Somebody To Love Try Somebody To Love
07 Where Do You Go To Try Where Do You Go To
08 Glad To Be Alive (Dance Mix) Try Glad To Be Alive (Dance Mix)
09 Only In Wonder (Dance Mix) Try Only In Wonder (Dance Mix)
10 Celebration Day Try Celebration Day
11 Destiny (Supplicata Trance Mix) Try Destiny (Supplicata Trance Mix)