The Supplicata

Taken from the word supplication - to pray for.

Everyone prays at some time. Some pray a lot, some pray in times of trouble, others hardly at all, but we all pray.
Most pray to God, no matter what their denomination, race, religion or culture, others just pray- even if they know no God.

We pray for a multitude of personal reasons, but I am surely not alone in my belief that prayer can be very powerful if we were all to direct our prayers to the same things.

This was my intention in writing THE SUPPLICATA - 'A collection of universal modern prayers without partiality.'

Prayers we can all use with power and without prejudice, no matter what culture or religion.

The subjects of these prayers have been carefully chosen after intensive research and discussions with many people from a varying degree of cultural, religious and indeed non-religious backgrounds. For their input, I am eternally grateful.

Everyone was asked the same question: 'If you could only pray about 12 matters, what would you pray for'
After disregarding any prayers of a more personal nature and ones relevant only to a particular religion, 15 subjects came up time and again, the basic subjects of which I have used to write SUPPLICATA.

These prayers have been translated into many different languages and have also been recorded vocally, and set to my own musical compositions, the SUPPLICATA CD, in the hope, and with the intention, of promoting unity, as far and as wide as possible.

These prayers hold no boundaries; they have no particular religious or political content. They are for every man, woman and child.

What a wonderful world we would live in if we all hoped and prayed for the same things. Ninety per cent of us do - let it be our aim to influence the other ten. The subjects are the ideas of others, but the words are my own.

My work has been inspired by the lives and recent passing of my mother and father, Mary and William Birch, who gave much of their time and effort to charitable fundraising and caring about others. I pray that this project will allow me to continue the work they started.

May God Bless You All

Richard Birch

The Supplicata, Original Prayer Version

How to get The Supplicata Full Album:

Track Name Time Listen
01 Greed (5.46) Try Greed
02 Starving (5.51) Try Starving
03 Death (5.38) Try Death
04 Environment (4.58) Try Environment
05 Abuse (4.49) Try Abuse
06 Leaders (5.18) Try Leaders
07 Deaf (4.46) Try Deaf
08 Disabled (4.56) Try Disabled
09 Blind (4.18) Try Blind
10 Poor (5.03) Try Poor
11 Religion (5.13) Try Religion
12 Violence (5.24) Try Violence
13 War & Peace (5.04) Try War & Peace
14 Sick (5.47) Try Sick
15 Destiny (4.33) Try Destiny

The Supplicata, Instrumental Version

How to get The Supplicata (Instrumental) Full Album:

Track Name Time Listen
01 Greed (Inst) (4.55) Try Greed Instrumental Version
02 Starving (Inst) (4.41) Try Starving Instrumental Version
03 Death (Inst) (4.38) Try Death Instrumental Version
04 Environment (Inst) (4.18) Try Environment Instrumental Version
05 Abuse (Inst) (4.16) Try Abuse Instrumental Version
06 Leaders (Inst) (4.04) Try Leaders Instrumental Version
07 Deaf (Inst) (3.42) Try Deaf Instrumental Version
08 Disabled (Inst) (4.15) Try Disabled Instrumental Version
09 Blind (Inst) (4.18) Try Blind Instrumental Version
10 Poor (Inst) (4.18) Try Poor Instrumental Version
11 Religion (Inst) (4.12) Try Religion Instrumental Version
12 Violence (Inst) (4.35) Try Violence Instrumental Version
13 War & Peace (Inst) (4.37) Try War & Peace Instrumental Version
14 Sick (Inst) (4.56) Try Sick Instrumental Version
15 Destiny (Inst) (3.41) Try Destiny Instrumental Version